A letter to my conscience

I besiege Your Grace to address a set

Of grievances submitted by your most

Humble servant in good faith and to

Your noble review.

I have been troubled at late by circumstances

Not of my doing or choosing, yet thrusted

Upon me by those who bear me ill and those

Who place little value on virtue or reason.

I must inform Your Grace that my reactions to

Those circumstances were not always wise and

Prudent, nor were my intentions always pure.

Yet I proceeded according to the very nature

Of my person, and in so doing, hoped for a

Benevolent outcome, even if the end of my

Path was not as defined as it should have been.

It is for that purpose I address Your Grace to

Determine the extend of my guilt, my weakness

Of bearing and any lack of faith in my fellow men.

I wish to overcome the flaws of my action, yet

Strike, if necessary, against any foes of my good

Intentions. I desire to remain victorious in virtue

And on my quest to a higher purpose, but beg to

Be striken down in humility from time to time,

Should my zeal subdue my good senses.

© Adlen Siljak 2009. All rights reserved.